Equipment | TDK 90 Fox

Equipment chassisSeriesOptional
Tandem chassisX 
permissible total weight 9000 kg (corresponds to 8000 kg axle load plus 1000 kg drawbar load)X 
V-frame galvanizedX 
Titanium parabolic suspensionX 
Parabolic suspension Jumbo titanium unit, limited pendulum compensation (only possible with tires 15.0 / 55-17, 19.0 / 45-17 and 355 / 60-18) O
2 brake axles, both rigidX 
Overrun brake - RückmatikX 
hydraulic 1-line brake without load adjustment valve, with flat-sealing sleeve, only for export (not possible in connection with COC acceptance) O
hydraulic 1-line brake with load adjustment valve and flat-sealing sleeve, only for export (not possible in connection with COC acceptance) O
Rigid drawbar for top attachmentX 
DIN towing eye 40 (Ø 40 mm)X 
40 km / h version with EC type approval and COC papers (including fenders, underrun protection and side marker lights)X 
heavy support wheel, foldableX 
Support foot with 2 speeds / height adjustable O
Hydraulic support foot O
Tilt cylinder 1850 mm stroke, limit switchX 
Equipment structureSeriesOptional
Bridge 4500 mm x 2220/2170 mm (conical), plug-in corner stanchions, all-steel floor, circumferential rubber seal in a special profile, bridge frame made of high-quality steel profiles, painted nova grayX 
Basic board wall 4500 mm x 2220/2170 mm x 500 mm (conical), central locking right, left and rear, grain outlet 400 mm x 230 mm, steel board walls (sandblasted, primed and powder-coated in dark green)X 
first construction 500 mmX 
second structure 500 mm with hydraulic rear wall O
second body 500 mm only for light goods with side wall connector O
Hydraulic line for 2nd trailer O
Side wall tension springs O
Shunting coupling O
Drop side extension chains with storage box O
Bridge support (securing the bridge during maintenance work) O
Removable pipe outlet with outlet nozzle O
Roll-off tarpaulin with platform O
Equipment lighting / securitySeriesOptional
2 five-chamber lights 12 V with 7-pin plug and impact-resistant glassX 
Side marker light on the right and. left (yellow) O
Clearance lights (rear white / red) O
Position lights in front white O
Equipment tiresSeriesOptional
Tires 15.0 / 55-17 10 PRX 
Tires 19.0 / 45-17 14 PR O
Tires 15 / 70-18 16 PR O
Tires 500 / 50-17 149A8 O
Tires 355/60 R18 O