Equipment | TDK 200 Fox

Tandem chassisX 
Permitted total weight 20,000 kg, drawbar load 2,000 kgX 
Permitted total weight 21000 kg, drawbar load 3000 kg up to 40 km/h, note the permitted drawbar load of the tractor vehicle O
Profi frame, galvanisedX 
Parabolic suspension, Titan assemblyX 
Drawbar, unsprung, swivelling, top hitch/bottom hitchX 
2 brake axles, both rigidX 
Axle version 420 x 180 ADRX 
2-circuit compressed air with ALBX 
Hydraulic single-line brake without load adaptation valve, with flat-sealing sleeve, for export only O
Hydraulic single-line brake with load adaptation valve and flat-sealing sleeve, for export only O
DIN drawbar eye 40 (Ø 40 mm)X 
Ball head K80 (Ø 80 mm) O
Piton-Fix (for export only) O
Swivelling drawbar eye 50 mm (Ø 50 mm) for export only O
40 km/h version with TÜV data sheet for Germany O
Supporting foot, hydraulic O
Supporting foot with 2 speeds / height-adjustableX 
Tipping cylinder, 2150 stroke, limit switchX 
Patch coupling O
Rear trailer coupling, automatic O
Brake connection for 2nd trailer / 2-circuit compressed air O
Hydraulics for 2nd trailer O
Structural equipmentStandardOptional
Bridge 5000 mm x 2320/2220 (conical), plug-in corner stanchions, all-steel floor, all-round rubber seal with special profile, bridge frame made from high-quality steel sections, painted nova greyX 
Basic tailgate 600 mm, central locking rear, right and left, grain outlet 400 mm x 230 mm, tensioning strap, steel tailgates (sandblasted, primed and powder coated dark green)X 
First body 600 mmX 
Second body 600 mm for light goods only O
Rolling tarp with landing O
Pipe outlet with spout, removable O
Removable discharge chute O
Tailgate chains with storage box O
Bracket for tailgate folding O
Bridge support (secures the bridge during maintenance work) O
Tensioning chainX 
Platform O
Second body 600 mm with hydraulic rear panel O
Dropside tension springs O
Equipment lighting / safetyStandardOptional
2 five-chamber lights 12 V with 7-pin connector and impact-resistant glassX 
Side marker lights right and left (yellow) O
Clearance lights (rear, white/red) O
Spot lights (front, white) O
Reversing camera O
Monitoring camera O
Tyres 385/65-R22,5 REX 
Tyres 385/65-R22.5 new O
Tyres 560/45-R22.5 O