Body / Rear panel | TMK 266 Potato

Body/rear panel equipmentStandardOptional
Trough 6600 mm x 2320/2220 mm x 1250 mm (total length with bulkhead bevel), all-steel trough primed with 2-component coating dark green, with front inspection window O
Trough top piece 500 mm (not grain-tight) O
Trough top piece 600 mm (not grain-tight) O
Trough top piece 500 mm side folding (not grain-tight) O
hydraulic rear panel, grain outlet 400 mm x 230 mmX 
Tarp frame with rolling tarp and landing (possible only without body) O
Pipe outlet with spout, removable O
Removable discharge chute O
Bridge support (secures the bridge during maintenance work) O
Fall breaker for potatoes O
Front grating mechanical folding (possible only for body) O
Front grille can be folded down hydraulically (only possible when set up) O
SpeedCover rolling net: for load securing, can be operated hydraulically O
Potato / beet chute at rear O