Tandem chassisX 
permissible total weight 20,000 kg, drawbar load 2,000 kgX 
Permitted total weight 21,000 kg, drawbar load 3,000 kg O
permissible total weight 22,000 kg, drawbar load 4,000 kg O
hydraulically suspended drawbar, rotatable for bottom hitch, hitch heightX 
Hydraulically suspended drawbar, rotatable for top hitch, hitch height O
DIN towing eye 40 (Ø 40 mm)X 
Ball head K80 (Ø 80 mm) O
Piton-Fix (Ø 50 mm) for export only O
Drop support footX 
2-circuit air brake with ALBX 
hydraulic 1-wire brake without load adjustment valve, with flat sealing sleeve, only for export O
2-circuit air brake combined with ALB and hydraulic brake and flat sealing sleeve, only for export O
25 km / h version Germany with TÜV data sheet for la-fo ZGM.X 
25 km / h export version O
40 km / h version Germany with TÜV data sheet (including fenders) O
40 km / h version with EC type approval and COC papers (including fenders, underrun protection and side marker lights) O
Parabolic suspension Gigant-Aggregat-PlusX 
hydraulic suspension, up to 60 km / h possible O
2 brake axles, both rigidX 
2 brake axles, front rigid, rear steered, hydraulically lockable, up to 60 km / h O
Forced steering: 2 brake axles, rigid front, rear steered, track width 2,050 mm or 2,150 mm O
Axle version 410 x 180 brake drum BPWX 
Spreading trough approx. 7,000 mm x 2,150 mm x 1,400 mmX 
Spreading trough painted dark greenX 
Spreader recess painted black O
Spreading trough painted black (Greenline version) (tandem) O
400 mm body O
Trough attachment foldable 400 mm O
Fixed ladder mounted on the right O
hydraulic traction support O
Fender (tandem) O
Weighing system with 6 sensors O
On-board hydraulics O