STRUCTURE / FRAME | KDS 140 muck control

Body / frame equipmentSerieOptional
Single axle chassisX 
permissible total weight 13,000 kg, drawbar load 3,000 kgX 
hydraulically suspended drawbar including folding support leg, bottom hitchX 
DIN towing eye 40 (Ø 40 mm)X 
Ball head K80 (Ø 80 mm) O
Piton-Fix (Ø 50 mm) for export only O
2-circuit air brake with manual controlX 
2-circuit air brake with hydr. ALB O
hydraulic 1-wire brake without load adjustment valve, with flat sealing sleeve, only for export O
hydraulic 1-pipe brake with load adjustment valve and flat sealing sleeve, only for export O
25 km / h version Germany with TÜV data sheet for la-fo ZGM.X 
25 km / h export version O
40 km / h version Germany with TÜV data sheet (including fenders) O
40 km / h version with EC type approval and COC papers (including fenders, underrun protection and side marker lights) O
Spreading trough approx. L 5,500 mm x H 1,400 mm W 1,450 mm below W 1,750 mm aboveX 
Spreading trough painted dark greenX 
Spreader recess painted black O
Spreader recess painted black (Greenline version) (single-axle) O
Fixed ladder mounted on the right O
fender O
3-point weighing system O
On-board hydraulics O