Single-axle pro chain spreader

The pro chain spreader consists of a single-axle or tandem chassis and a load volume of 12 to 32 m³. The side walls and floor are made from fine-grain steel while the chassis consists of a robust hollow section frame.

The spreader also features a hydraulically sprung drawbar and a swivelling traction bar.

Equipment of "muck control" pro chain spreader series

Overview of FRONT details  

Control methods

Equipment of "muck control" pro chain spreader series

Overview of REAR details   

KDS 270 muck control

  • Tandem chassis

  • 25 m³ load volume

  • Side walls and floor made from fine-grain steel

  • Chassis made from robust hollow section frame

  • Hydraulically sprung drawbar

  • Swivelling traction bar

varioSPLASH disc spreader with two large spreading discs made from wear-resistant steel (HB 400), each measuring 1100 mm in diameter and equipped with 6 spreader vanes adjustable perpendicularly to the spreading angle and featuring plates made from wear-resistant steel (HB 400) as well as exposed
safety bolts with individual sensitivity adjustment. The spreading angle of the discs features mechanical and optional hydraulic
adjustment (tandem/tridem).

Working width of up to 30 metres possible, depending on spreading material.  





  • Forged chain links (Ø 20 mm) with a breaking load of up to 50 tons
  • Scraper floor strips made from 80 mm U profiles, closed at the top
  • Scratch floor with optional hydropneumatic chain tension adjustment
  • Two horizontal rollers (Ø 770 mm) with replaceable
  • blades made from wear-resistant steel (HB 400)
  • Special transfer gearbox ensures optimised power distribution to the spreading rollers and discs
  • Powerful drive train with ratchet clutch and overrunning clutch
  • Spreading discs and mixing rollers powered by oil-bath gearbox
  • Sliding gate with enclosed frame guide for optimum sealing with two external hydraulic cylinders, visual fill level indicator on front side.