Smart Solutions | ASW 391 GreenTec

Smart Solution equipmentStandardOptional
Fliegl Weighing System FWS ISOBUS  
Fliegl Trailer Control FTC with load sensing control blocks  
Comfort package for trailer control  
Additional package for Fliegl Trailer Control: Rear panel locking indicator  
ISOBUS wire harness, connecting cable according to ISO 11783 for in-cab socket  
Bluetooth thermal printer for FWS weighing system  
External display for FWS weighing system  
Fliegl Tracker: Vehicle detection for FWS, each with 1 iBeacon for transport vehicle and harvester  
A3 universal terminal 4.3” colour touchscreen with 8 control buttons, scroll wheel  
CCI-50 ISOBUS universal terminal 5.6” colour touch screen with 12 control buttons  
CCI-200 ISOBUS universal terminal 8.4” colour touch screen with 12 control buttons