Fliegl is always on the move and we never rest on our laurels. With this in mind, we like to visit our customers on-site so that we can gain a first-hand impression of how our machines are performing and to find out what we can do to further assist the farmers. One result of these visits is the Fliegl on Tour videos, which briefly summarise the practical application examples. Fliegl is always on tour.

Noah TTW 100 livestock trailer

Noah TTW 100 livestock trailer for transporting cattle to external grazing land. The Fliegl livestock trailers provide a quick and simple means of transporting cattle, pigs, goats, sheep or other animals between different locations in a safe and species-appropriate manner. A tipping drawbar allows the animals to enter and exit the trailer quickly and easily. Another benefit is the centrally adjustable separating grid. This allows you to separate the rear section of the livestock transport trailer from the front area and thus avoid any unrest among the animals. The separating grid also facilitates the loading and unloading process.

Fliegl semi-trailers in use

Use of semi-trailers in Passau/Neukirchen vorm Wald region. Slurry transport with 24,000 l semi-trailer tanker and unloading in slurry pit. Grass pick-up in field application with ASW 298 with max. volume of approx. 55 cbm – transport from field to road with unloading in existing silo facility.

Fliegl ASW Gigant push-off trailer

Use of multiple push-off trailers in Altötting region incl. latest version of ASW 271 – GPS harvest support/shredding application with ideal terrain conditions.