Fliegl has always called Upper Bavaria its home. After 15 years in Töging, Fliegl moved into its cutting-edge, 30 ha plant in Mühldorf am Inn in 2013. From here, the company supplies all its sales and distribution sites with vehicles. This is where Fliegl plans, develops, designs and builds. It is the beating heart of the company.

Over the last four decades, Fliegl has established itself as a global player – in no small part thanks to its many successful innovations. As the world's largest manufacturer of agricultural trailers, Fliegl exports to all continents.

With 22 sites in 15 countries, including 12 production locations, Fliegl boasts a broad global presence, allowing it to serve the world's markets in a rapid, uncomplicated fashion. In addition to the production sites in Germany, Hungary, Spain and Argentina, Fliegl also has sales offices in France, Slovakia, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine, USA and China.