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Electronic Forced Steering »ForCon«

Assembly and Function:

The electronically controlled forced steering “ForCon 2010” (Force Control) from Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH, Töging, is the new much improved successor product to the forced steering “ForCon”, that was distinguished by winning the silver medal at Agritechnica 2007. With a minimum of constructive expenditure, it provides much better handling and much improved maneuverability of tandem and tri-axle trailers on the road, on difficult terrains and in restricted spaces.

The new forced steering makes it round the curves without mechanical linkage. Instead of this a gyroscopic instrument determines the curve radius and consequently the steering angle. This steering angle is passed on to the rotary encoder on the axle, where a hydraulic cylinder controls the steering axle bringing it to the optimal steering angle. The gyroscope can be mounted anywhere on the tractor, for example on the mud guard or wing of the rear axle.

With such an innovative new design based on electronics, complicated components such as connecting rods, control cables or dual sided mechanically hydraulic linkages at the traction point are no longer required. The single articulation point is the coupling device, it does not matter if this is a towing hook, ball-type, piton fix or similar coupling device. Tighter curve radii are possible, important for restricted spaces. Because no additional hitching points are available, there is no power absorption when turning corners. The steering forces are reduced.

The special construction of the ForCon 2010 is not dependent on a particular type of hitch on the towing vehicle, as was the case with previous models. These used a special ball head coupling, that tended to wear.

With the electronic vertical and horizontal control an optimal steering angle of the wheels on all axles is maintained. The result:

  • Optimal track positioning, even on slippery and sloping farmland, is maintained because of:
  • Steering stability and stable straight driving on the road without rocking about
  • Calm following, even at high speeds and due to this low axle loading
  • Lower tyre ware even in the tightest curves and security when driving on slopes
  • Better distribution of the tyre pressures on the top soil
  • Smooth forwards and reverse driving on every terrain even when driving over bumps or gullies
A new display with TÜV (vehicle test certificated) safety control system shows: Disturbances in the respective driving direction (forwards, backwards or stationary) and steering movements right or left. Apart from this the axles can be locked. When initially mounted or replaced a calibration of the sensors must be carried out. Apart from the previously available tractor console the display is also available with a special suction pad, so that it can be fixed in different tractors at the required position.

All the above named features have positive effects on operating and work management, easing the work load and work security, as well as on the environment and the energy situation.