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The push-off semi-trailer with »Dolly« best equipped for every application

Dolly Systems

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Hydraulically moveable saddle plates with single-axle and tandem dolly

  • Available as single-axle or tandem
  • Rotating tow bar for upper and lower hitching
  • Hydraulic support foot
  • Dual-circuit compressed air system with ALB 40 km/h performance
  • Parabolic suspension
  • 12 V lighting
  • Fifth wheel plate can be mechanically adjusted

  • Hydraulically adjustable fifth wheel plate
  • 12 V to 24 V voltage converter
  • On board hydraulics

The performance data in brief:

  • Single-axle dolly with 10.5 tonnes trailer coupling loading and 12.5 tonnes total weight
  • Tandem dolly with 17 tonnes trailer coupling loading and 20 tonnes total weight
  • optional pneumatic suspension (lifting and lowering)
  • Mechanical fifth-wheel adjustment as standard hydraulic option