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Convincing manure technology from Fliegl at expert meeting

Triesdorf, May 17th, 2018 This year's “Manure Day” organized by the Triesdorf School of Agricultural Machinery offered visitors the opportunity to inform themselves comprehensively or to examine technical solutions which were even demonstrated in field operation. The specialist lectures held in the old riding hall dealt with important aspects of the new fertilizer ordinance, e.g. with the material flow balance, nutrient-sparing fertilizing strategies or the crop contamination with ground-level application systems.

In the afternoon, theory became practice. The approximately 900 visitors informed themselves about the latest developments in the application of manure and digestates with the help of trailing shoes and disc injectors. Here, Fliegl used a manure tanker with 16,000 liters capacity in combination with the company’s trailing shoe distributor Skate 150. Thanks to its low weight, low center of gravity and perfect application accuracy, this combination is an optimal solution for farmers who want to acquire their own equipment. Due to the very humid soil conditions, cultivators and disc harrows could not be demonstrated. As an absolute highlight, the Fliegl trailing shoe distributor with a hydraulic drawbar for drag-hose application was presented for the first time. The Mühldorf-based agricultural technology company is also active in the field of nutrient measurement and offers the Nutrient Measure Station which enables not only a stationary but also mobile data collection of manure components. Many visitors subsequently took advantage of the contact exchange on the exhibition grounds to learn more about Fliegl’s manure technology.